Please follow these three basic principles-

1.  -Be where you are supposed to be

2.  -Do what you are supposed to do

3.  -Respect each other and the studios

For those of you who have trouble obeying these three principals, here is what we expect from you every day all the time.

1. -Be where you are supposed to be - With three studios and two classes running at the same time, it is awful easy to socialize with friends in other art classes.  If you are in the painting studio, then you have no business being in the ceramics studio and vice versa.  The hallway is off limits at all times unless you have our permission.   If you are not where you should be, we will immediately deduct a point from your daily TOT score.

2. -Do what you are supposed to do.  In our classes, you should be either working or cleaning.  There are no such things as free days or study hall in the studio.  We expect perfect TOT [time on task) everyday all year.  You need to learn to be a worker and give your best effort.  If you don’t know what to do, immediately come to us and we will give you something to do.  We do not have enough studio space to waste by having students sit around sleeping or not working.  You should work until the art timer sounds to avoid any deductions.  Do not quit early, and do not line up at the doors.

3.  Respect your teachers,  peers, and studios.  ANY FORM OF DISRESPECT WILL BE DEALT WITH BY AN AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION!  We are in high school, and you are old enough to know right from wrong.  Do not pollute our studios with drama and disrespect. You are one member in a class.  Put the class before yourself. Do your part to keep the class clean and productive. We will not tolerate immature horseplay, annoying decibel levels, lazy messes, or teenage drama.  When Knott and Neff give you an order, obey it the first time without asking why.  Our goal for you is to be the best you can be, and respect is a key component to achieving this goal.

Computer Use / Personal Electronics

-The 3 art labs are RED zones for personal electronics (Cell Phones)

-The only exception is using your Chromebook with headphones to listen to music.

-Violations =:

    Strike 1 - 0 TOT score and violation is documented on an Office Referral Form

    Strike 2 - 0 TOT score and violation is documented on an Office Referral Form

    Strike 3 - 0 TOT score and OR-Form turned into Mr. Westrick = Fri. Night

    Additional violations - see Strike 3

You are fortunate enough to be at a school with 22 Macs in the art department.  Yes, computers are fun to play around on.  But remember that our computers are for your productivity, not your entertainment.  Computers are to be used for your art assignments period. If you are doing research, design, digital painting, etc, great.  But if you are watching videos, surfing irrelevant sites, or playing video games, then we have a problem.  Any misuse of our computers will result in a deduction from your daily TOT score.  We will deduct even if the offense is for a couple of seconds.  If the offense becomes chronic, software will be stripped from your account.

-Headphones must be used at all times.  DO NOT PLAY ANY FORM OF AUDIO OUT LOUD!  No headphones = no audio!

-Printing is disabled on our Mac lab. 

So now that you know this, do not ask us to print documents for other classes.

The art department is not your personal printing station.  All prints should be art project related at all times.  We want to be as efficient as possible with our expensive color laser ink.  Misuse of our printer is stealing from the school.  Stealing is disrespecting the digital studio, and this leads to a deduction of TOT points.

The Studio Grade

    To help enforce our rules and to maintain an environment of respect and responsibility, we have incorporated a daily studio grade.  Everyday, you will receive a 2, 1, or a 0.  Here is a list of ways that you can lose points.

-Tardy  1

-Unexcused Absence 0

-Quitting Early 1

-Doing homework from other classes / without teacher permission  1

-Sleeping 1

-Lining up at the door early 1

-Being where you shouldn’t be 1

-Horseplay 0

-Electronic devices (Phone) 1

-Off task 1

-Not doing what you are ordered to do 1

-If you have nothing to do, or don’t know what to do, it is your responsibility to come to us for direction.  We will find something for you to do.  Once we make the suggestion, we expect you to do it right away without giving us your opinion.


AA is off limits to art students for the 15-16 year.

Students are allowed to come down to the studios to work on art during study hall if we write you a note.  We expect you to check in with the study hall monitor and stay in the studio for the full class. You must work on your art project the entire time.  If you give us any problems or violate studio grade rules, we will count it as a violation.  If you have any form of a  “D” in any class, you will be banned from the studios until the “D” is out of the grade book! 


Our art department has a clear vision of the end works you will produce during class time. Everything you make will have the goal of being a portfolio piece. We are not going to let you use our expensive resources to render work that is thoughtless, lazy, and below the standards of the bryanart culture. So the following will be banned:

  1. 1.Boyfriend / Girlfriend pics, pets, family, facebook style photos, and any thoughtless point and shoot photos.

  2. 2. ANY FORM OF POP CULTURE IS INVALID!!!! If you are working from a photo, you must shoot the photo.  Superheros, Pro Athletes, Movie Stars, Cartoons, Etc are invalid.  Stay away from these unoriginal cliches.

  3. 3.Any form of writing on our pots will not be tolerated. You should be more concerned with Shape, Form, Texture, Pattern, & Glaze. When you put the Ohio State “O” on the side of your form, your work is more about Ohio State than it is about being art. WE WILL NOT FIRE OR GIVE YOU CREDIT FOR ANYTHING WITH WRITING ON IT!!!!


Bryan High School Art Department