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AM: Mrs. Frame
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Summer Physical Education Class Guidelines

1. Appropriate clothing should be worn to each class.  Appropriate dress includes: shorts or sweats, socks, t-shirt or sweatshirt, and tennis shoes.

2. Students are expected to be at the designated meeting place at the appropriate time.  If a student is late for class, then the teachers reserve the right to have the student make up the time missed or the student may miss the entire day.

3. Locker rooms will be available for student use.  However, it is highly recommended that the student bring a lock to secure possessions/valuables.

4. Students are expected to use appropriate language at all times.

5. Class disruption and “horseplay” will not be tolerated.  These actions tend to result in safety concerns that could result in injury.

-Verbal warning, time out of the activity, or removal from the class for the day are possible actions taken for these offenses.

6. Three days absent from class will result in automatic class failure.

  1. 7.Everyone must attend the last day of class to turn in your final project.  Any absences on the last day must be pre-approved by Mr Rairigh.

8. Check Facebook and Twitter in case of bad weather.

9. Forms and information are posted to

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Final Project: Summer Physical Education

The final project for summer physical education is a hand written report focusing on three topic areas.

Section one is a self-evaluation of your fitness level.  In this section you are to discuss your nutritional choices, exercise frequency and intensity, and life style factors such as sleep patterns, habits, and self-destructive behaviors.  Please use specific references to your fitness log to support your findings.

Section two of your report should discuss the importance of physical education in promoting life-long fitness.

Section three should evaluate this course. You might address your likes and dislikes of the course, ways to improve the class, and your overall thoughts on the class.

The length of this report is to be one to two hand written pages.  In other words, it must contain at least one full page but no more than two pages.