What is a digital portfolio ?   A digital portfolio is a collection of digital images consisting of all the artwork you have made at BHS.

Who does a digital portfolio?   Every art student in all art classes will make a digital portfolio

Why do we have to make a digital portfolio?  

                1. It shows us your artistic growth over time

                2. It helps organize your body of work

                3. Aids grading if work is lost or stolen

                4. Digitized work is easy to add to our website & Apple TV

                5. Forces you to become familiar with digital photography and photo editing

                6. Archives you work for future use

                7. It’s you ticket for art college entrance and scholarship possibilities

                8. Because we said so

How do I make a digital portfolio?

                Step 1:  Make artwork in class...or out of class

                Step 2: Photograph your artwork with our digital cameras

                Step 3: Import your photos into iPhoto

                Step 4: Rotate, crop, and adjust your photos in iPhoto

                Step 5: Properly title your work   First Name Last Initial “Title” Year

                                                                EX:  John S. “Self Portrait” 07

                Step 6: Keep a copy in your personal iPhoto account

                Step 7: Turn a copy into the art server and place it into the proper class folder.

                             Then place the image into the proper assignment folder.

                Step 8: Also put a copy into the 2theWeb folder to display you work on the site.

                Step 9:  GET TO WORK ON YOUR NEXT PROJECT!

2D & 3D INSTRUCTIONS.......Coming Soon!



The Digital Portfolio

Bryan High School Art Department