Art 4 aka (Get Your Portfolio Done!!!!! )

FREEDOM!!!  -You have earned it for putting up with us for three years.  In Art 4 the focus is on creativity and independence.  College bound art students, this is your chance to finish off your portfolios.  Hopefully you will be accepted to your first choice schools by Thanksgiving.  You are not out of the woods yet, because you still need to deal with the schools of art and scholarships.  So keep your eye on the prize and push forward.  You will need 20 rock solid pieces, including at least 8 drawings by March at the latest.  Let me know the requirements for your desired colleges (1st day of school) and I will help you any way I can.  For those of you not going to college in art, your goals are to have fun, work hard, and try to grow and improve as much as possible.  I want everyone in Art 4 to enter as many art shows as they can.  Time flies when you are having fun!!!

Teacher: Neff

Length: Full Year

How Do I Get In: Have to have Neff’s signature

Fee: $25.00

Art 1 Vitals

Bryan High School Art Department